Dear Student and Community Parents,

I am so pleased that you will be bringing your child to play at the Family Resource Center. It is always such a pleasure watching your children grow up!

Our playgroups may look a little different than other programs you have participated in. We use a two-generation philosophy, which means that we address the needs of the whole family.  You will see a fun, safe environment for you and your child to be a part of; one that facilitates social connections with other children and parents. Because the FRC is a lab for students, we are purposeful in creating a “best practices” atmosphere; one that supports your relationship with your child, as well as connects both of you to other families. Students serve as interns, and are there to observe and help facilitate play between the children. Since we are a college lab site, you may be asked to be involved in a research project.

Playgroups are staffed by child development faculty who have strong expertise in both child development and working with families. They are there to assist you and your child – feel free to ask them anything!

Take some time to carefully review and complete the required information in the Parent Packet.  While data collection is an essential component that we must follow for our funding, your personal information will remain completely confidential.  The information that we collect will enable us to evaluate our existing programs and apply for future funding for programs and services.

While you’re at the FRC we invite you to take advantage of our other free services: baby clothes exchange, lending library, information about community resources and much more!  Also, make sure to follow us on social media!

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance. We are here to make your exciting, scary and wonderful parenting journey easier!

Marni Roosevelt
Director, Family Resource Center
(818) 778-5529