Supportive Services

Stop by and take advantage of all the resources the Student Parent Program offers! 

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Computer and Print Lab

Online homework? Need to print a paper? Need to 'like' all our latest posts on social media!? Come in, and use our computers and print up to 5 pages a day. 

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Food Pantry  

Fresh and organic produce from the local Studio City Farmer's Market. Food Pantry open from 11am-2pm every Tuesday/Wednesday at Campus Center!

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School Supplies

Scantrons, Pencils, Markers...OH MY! Come by and stock up if you're running low on school supplies. 

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Textbook Library

We get it! Textbooks are expensive. Come by to see if we have the books you need. If we do, check them out for the entire semester. If not, we can help you find a more affordable option. 

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Child Clothing Exchange

Bring in your gently used children's clothes and swap them out for bigger sizes. Check us out before you buy another $10 onesie that will last a week! 

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We offer free diapers, wipes, and infant formula to student parents in need.