Parent Packet

Please read the following guidelines and complete the required information below:


1.  Parents must be enrolled through Community Services in order to attend the play sessions. If a designated caregiver will be bringing your child to the FRC, then they must complete the caregiver profile form. 

2.   Cell phones are not permitted in the playroom or yard at any time.  Please turn your phone off and leave it with the rest of your belongings (i.e. diaper bag, purse, shoes, etc.) in one of the designated cubbies in the FRC.

3.   When you arrive, sign in and pick up your nametags at the front desk.  You and your child must wear a nametag at all times.  Clearly write your name and your relation to the child on your nametag. The child’s nametag must have their name and age in months written underneath.  Place the nametag on their back. 

4.   Playgroup activities will be inside or outside at the discretion of the FRC staff. They often include sand and/or water play and paint so make sure you bring a towel and change of clothes for your child.

5.   In case of an emergency, staff will direct you to PICK UP your child and we will all go; to either 1) inside the FRC or 2) to Parking Lot B. Your belongings will remain locked in the FRC.

Child Development Student – Interns

6.   Infant and Toddler Playgroups offer observation, direct education and training for Child Development college students in order for them to learn about young children and families.  Students are under the supervision of the FRC staff. Please direct your parenting or child development questions to FRC faculty, not to the interns. The front desk staff can help you with any logistical questions.

7.     Seminar times for the student-interns are before and after play sessions.  If you arrive before the scheduled session, please wait outside of the play area.  Once the session is over, please help your child to leave the play area as soon as possible. Interns can’t start their discussion until families are gone.


8.     According to LAVC policy, you may not take any photos during playgroups. Photos will be taken during the playgroup by staff for educational or marketing purposes. Photos are uploaded to a private Shutterfly account that a FRC staff member will send you a direct link to. 

9.     Food and drinks are not allowed in the playroom, but you are welcome to give your child a snack at the play table in the reception area.  Snack time ends 15 minutes after the scheduled playgroup time. Cleaning supplies will be provided for you to clean up after your child’s snack.

10.  Additional information and resources will be provided in the form of handouts or on the FRC website.  Look for photos of you and your child on our Facebook Page!