Mentor Program


The Family Resource Center houses the local Los Angeles Valley College chapter of the California Early Childhood Mentor Program (CECMP).  CECMP links remuneration with better access to education and professional development opportunities for both classroom teachers and program administrators.

The Program selects experienced classroom teachers to mentor student teachers from community college, ROP and four-year early childhood programs. In addition to a stipend for professional development, Mentors are paid stipends to use their classrooms as highquality training environments. Stipends vary depending on the number of hours spent supervising student teachers. Student teachers receive course credit for the practicum requirements of their training institutions.

Because many early childhood students work full-time in centers or family child care homes, they often cannot take time from work to complete the practicum course at the campus laboratory center. The California Early Childhood Mentor Program aims to make the practicum course more accessible by offering it through Mentors in programs throughout the community.

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