Lending Library and textbook requests

What type of books are available?

Books available to LAVC student parents and families enrolled in our playgroups

  • Toddler board books
  • Children's books
  • Parenting books

Within the first two weeks of an academic semester, students are limited to two textbooks. After the drop deadline, all remaining texts will be available for check-out.

  • Child Development Textbooks
  • GE courses

 We are happy to help you find the books that best meet your needs!


Who can use the lending library?

Current LAVC student parents, as well as families enrolled in our playgroups, are welcome to use our lending library.  All parenting and children books may be borrowed for up to two weeks.  Textbooks may be borrowed for the entire semester and must be returned up to the last day of finals. To request a textbook, fill out the form below. 


LAVC Textbook Requests

Name *
Course and book title with author and edition (i.e. History 11, Ginsberg, 10th Ed)
You must submit your current class schedule verifying the textbook(s) requested. Your class schedule may be submitted either in person, or via email to angelam@lavc.edu. Failure to submit supporting documents will effect your eligibility to borrow textbooks.Once all supporting documents are submitted, you will receive an email within 72 hours verifying if we have the textbook(s) requested.
I understand that if I decide to drop from the course I must return the textbook immediately. I am ultimately responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the borrowed materials.