Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to register for the playgroups, but the registration system is saying that they are full.  What do I do?

You still have the option to register and be put on a wait list. Typically, we pull between 2-5 families off the wait list each semester. Families that get put on the waitlist are notified first for the registration date of the next semesters session. 


What are my parking options on campus?

Choose from the following:

Purchase a parking pass from Community Services once you are registered.

Purchase a one-day pass from the yellow parking machine in Lot D (only $2 per day).

If you choose to park off-campus, make sure that you use the cross-walk on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Oxnard Street or Ethel Avenue and Oxnard Street.  There have been many bad accidents on Oxnard Street.

Can a caregiver or relative bring my child to the playgroup?

Yes. The parent must be registered for the course and come to the Family Resource Center to fill out additional paperwork. (This can be done before Playgroups begin.)


Can I come check out the playgroups before I am enrolled?

You are welcome to visit the Family Resource Center during one of the playgroups, but you will need to be enrolled in order for your child to play.


Can I bring more than one child?

Yes, you may bring more than one child, as long as that child is your own and within the designated age range. Up to two children per family per adult allowed.