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With 1 in 5 college students raising children, it is critical to identify and scale effective organizations such as the FRC, and policies that support this large and critical population.

Investments in the postsecondary success of parents with young children can increase attainment of credentials leading to good jobs, bring children the benefits of high-quality learning environments, promote later college-going among children, and improve family economic security across generations.


“Consciously and specifically addressing the needs of single mothers is an essential part
of any equity and completion agenda for colleges. A growing movement has emerged to give voice to student parents and to better understand and address their needs.”

Nearly 1 In 3 Community College Students Is A Parent. Here's How To Keep Them In Class

"Thirty percent of community college students have young children in the home and their needs go well beyond child care," said Marni Roosevelt, the center's founder. "Our goal is to helpthem keep their families strong so that they can accomplish their goals both academically and career-wise."


The Imperative to Support Single Mothers in College - Center for American Progress

"There are nearly 2.1 million single mothers in college today, many of whom are women of color. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), only 8 percent of single mothers who start college earn an associate or bachelor’s degree within six years, compared with about half of women who are not mothers."


Colleges Aren't Very Kid-Friendly - The Atlantic

"Focusing on the needs of student families requires effort and money, resources which may already be strained at colleges facing dwindling enrollment. But the payoff for figuring out strategies to meet the complex needs of student parents might prove to be an asset in the increasingly competitive college marketplace." 

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Food pantries, loaned textbooks and child care: California's community colleges help needy students - EdSource

"Valley College is one of more than 100 community colleges that are beefing up their services for students who lack adequate food or shelter. The plan, among other academic priorities, called on campuses to assist students with food, tutoring, childcare, transportation or other support, and to pair with county and social service agencies to help students access the services they need." 

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In L.A., resources grow for homeless community college students - CSMonitor

"Innovative ideas – from food pantries on campus to the first homeless shelter for college students – are on the rise in Los Angeles. Those involved with higher ed say they have a moral duty to meet the basic needs of learners so they can succeed."


Los Angeles Valley College Opens Workforce Strategy Center - Daily News

"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, joined by Council members Monica Rodriguez and Paul Krekorian, attended the ribbon-cutting of the first Workforce Strategy Center in the City at L.A. Valley College."