Fall 2019 2Gen Internship
September 10, 2019 - December 5, 2019

Our unique 2Gen internship involves working with, and learning from, children and their parent/caregivers together. Supervised by a parent educator and child development specialist, interns will learn best practices in working with whole families as well as developmentally appropriate activities for young children.

2Gen Lab Internship Opportunities:

  • Our Playgroups are designed for family interaction and play. During this internship, children are with their parent/caregiver in the same area. Children range in ages from 0-4.

  • Our Study Lounge is designed for student parents at LAVC to have designated time and space to study while their child can play. During this internship, children are in a room adjacent to their parent/caregiver. Children range in ages from 0-13.

  • Our Parenting Group is designed for parents to share their parenting joys and struggles, as well as learn new parenting strategies. During this internship, children may be in a separate play area than their parent.  Children range in ages from 0-13.

Apply Below. Multiple days/times available.


For more information contact Reycha Webb at webbrv@lavc.edu