PBS NewsHour features Family Resource Center

There are nearly 4 million undergraduate students who are raising children, representing 22 percent of all students attending U.S. colleges. Yet only about 8 percent of single mothers in college will obtain associate's or bachelor's degrees within six years, while half of women without children finish their college programs in the same time frame. How Los Angeles Valley College supports student parents. - Christopher Booker, PBS NewsHour Weekend

The Family Resource Center reduces barriers to higher education and jobs through a whole-family approach. Collaboration with on-campus support programs and community agencies all work together to advance positive social, economic, and educational outcomes for our students and their families. We know there are greater opportunities for success when the family unit is strong.


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy.

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Student Parent Program

Learn about all the way we support our student parents.

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